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Acid Dyes

These are Monosulphonated 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes characterized by Excellent Fastness to light, Suitable for the production of medium & heavy shades for automotive end-uses where high fastness is of prime importance,Excellent Compatibility, Good wet fastness, Wide shade gamut, Good level dyeing properties,on Polyamide, optimum coverage of barre when dyes are applied at elevated temperatures (105 - 120 Deg. C.), Good partition on Wool / Nylon blends,Suitable for low temperature dyeing, Suitable for dyeing of all fiber blends with wool, Selected dyes suitable for resist and displacement printing of carpets.

Reactive Dyes
Reactive colors are five groups of reactive dyes manufactured by A.K Industries for all cellulosic fibres, silk and viscose rayon. Reactive colors form a chemical linkage with the cellulosic fibres in the presence of alkalies, and therefore are characterized by their excellent fastness. Reactive colors are easy to use and applicable extensively in various fields such as exhaust dyeing, continuous dyeing and printing etc.

Leather Dyes
Aquasol Dyes are Metal-complex dyes in liquid form for dyeing and finishing Leather. Aquasol liquid dyes are distinguished by their brilliance, their high light fastness and their high resistance to spotting by water droplets.